Superb lawyer
"Michael is a superb lawyer. He is an exceptional strategist and has become an effective lawyer in the courtroom. His skills were recently shown as he successfully litigated a multi-million dollar claim through trial in the SDNY. Not only were his exceptional skills demonstrated, but his commitment to his clients was peerless. He is truly a SuperLawyer." – Attorney
Outstanding trial and appellate lawyer
"Michael is an outstanding trial and appellate lawyer, incisive on cross-examination, articulate and persuasive in openings, closings, and in arguing motions and evidentiary rulings. He is a creative thinker who fights tenaciously for his clients at all times." – Attorney
A fine, intelligent and ethical lawyer
"A fine, intelligent and ethical lawyer." – Attorney
Outstanding Advocate and Brilliant Strategist
"Michael is an outstanding advocate and brilliant strategist." – Attorney
The one litigator I call for advice
"Michael is the one litigator I call for advice when I am faced with a potential commercial dispute. Even in areas where he may have no direct experience, his guidance has consistently been both creative and reliable." – Attorney
A great Lawyer
"A great lawyer – it is rare to find someone who can handle all aspects of a case." – Attorney
Clear, thoughtful thinker
“Michael is a clear, thoughtful thinker who provided me with very sound advice during a time of considerable stress and uncertainty. He is incredibly responsive and communicative. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” – Client
Highest caliber
“Michael and his staff were of the highest caliber. Always attentive and responsive, his group makes you feel like you are family. He was a knowledgeable, dependable and respected representative for both myself and my case. I couldn't have received better counsel.” – Client
I have dealt with many lawyers
“I have dealt with many lawyers over my almost 30 year career and Michael ranks as one of the very best I've ever dealt with. Responsive, fair, appropriately assertive.” – Client
Exceptionally Talented
“Michael Rakower is an exceptionally talented and bright lawyer. He is extremely efficient, resourceful, and knowledgeable. He is a consummate professional. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who is in need of a fantastic lawyer. I was very impressed with the work he did for my company. He is the "go-to" professional for all legal related matters.”
– Client
Highly Motivated
“Michael Rakower is a brilliant, highly motivated lawyer of extraordinary skill.” – Judge
Exceptional Intellect
“Michael Rakower is undoubtedly one of the finest lawyers with whom I have worked. He has an exceptional intellect and what sets him apart is his extraordinary tactical insight. A force to be reckoned with.” – Client
professional and talented
“Michael Rakower is extremely professional and talented. He was very compassionate about my case and specific needs. He took all the pressure off me during the process…. I would highly recommend him to any individual looking for a sharp lawyer who also treats each of his clients with personal attention.” – Client
Creative and Reliable
“Michael Rakower is the one litigator I call for advice when I am faced with a potential commercial dispute. Even in areas where he may have no direct experience, his guidance has consistently been both creative and reliable.” – Attorney
hardworking and willing
“Michael recently helped settle an ongoing dispute, with the right amount of aggression and diplomacy. Michael is very hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to find that right case law or issue that will leverage his client's position. Michael was very open about the billing and is forthright with the estimates and checks before incurring extra expenses when they are required. Highly recommended, someone who will go all out to fight for you.” – Client
“I became involved in a civil case as a non-party and in a way that I felt affected me unfairly. Michael was well-attuned to the unique nature of the case and developed sensible strategies that protected my interests. There was an ease and efficiency in communicating with Michael; he was always responsive to my questions and concerns. I had full trust in his legal abilities and am grateful for his thorough representation.” – Client
outstanding legal knowledge
“We were impressed by Michael Rakower's outstanding legal knowledge; his willingness to thoroughly master concepts outside the law; his ability to successfully counsel with other lawyers, even opponents; and his plain, old-fashioned charm. He went far beyond the call of duty, and was always highly professional and prompt in his dealings. He was easy to communicate with, offering explanations in plain English, not "legalese." His thoughtful strategies brought a successful conclusion to our case.” – Clients
impeccable ethics
“Michael Rakower is an excellent lawyer with impeccable ethics.” – Attorney