Rescission of Contract Inappropriate Where Breach Did Not Defeat the Purpose of the Parties’ Agreement

In Argutto v. J.P. Hunter Co., Inc., Case No. 623638/2018 (Sup. Ct. Suffolk County, Sep. 22, 2022), the court denied a motion for summary judgment seeking rescission of a contract where the defendant’s breach, though consequential, was not so fundamental as to defeat the purpose of the contract… Read more

Summary Judgment in Lieu of Complaint Granted After Unopposed Showing of Default on Commercial Lease Guarantees

In 1619-1625 Amsterdam Avenue, LLC v. Costa Casvikes, Case No. 652037/2022 (July 7, 2022), the court granted an unopposed summary judgment in lieu of complaint to a plaintiff property owner seeking payment under two guarantees of a commercial lease… Read more

Conversion Claims Fail Where Duplicative of Breach of Contract Claims

In Westcon Grp., Inc. v. CCC Technologies, Inc., 7:19-cv-02303 (PMH) (S.D.N.Y. Sep. 12, 2022), the court granted summary judgment dismissing a conversion claim as duplicative of a cause of action for breach of contract… Read more

Claims Against International Cargo Broker Preempted by Montreal Convention

In A.S.A.P Logistics, Ltd. v. UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., 20-CV-4553 (E.D.N.Y. Sep. 19, 2022), the court dismissed breach of contract and tort claims as preempted by the Montreal Convention… Read more

SDNY Awards Rule 11 Sanctions for Complaint over Speculative Allegations

In (RC) 2 Pharma Connect, LLC v. Mission Pharmacal Co., 1:21-cv-11096 (S.D.N.Y. Sep. 14, 2022), the district court imposed Rule 11 sanctions against plaintiff for filing pleadings based on speculative allegations of breaches of contract… Read more

Extrinsic evidence is inadmissible to contradict unambiguous contract terms; a party cannot anticipatorily breach a contract obligation that does not exist

In Art Works Inc. v. Al-Hadid, Index No. 651267/2021 (N.Y. Sup. Ct., N.Y. County, May 10 2022), the New York Supreme Court held that a consignment agreement did not give an art gallery an ownership interest in an artist’s consigned work. The court also held that a party’s insistence on agreement to terms for a mediation did not constitute anticipatory breach of the contract’s mediation provision… Read more

Online Reviews that Lowered Business’s Star Rating Were “Devious” But Not “Disparaging”

In SA Luxury Expeditions, LLC v. Schleien, 22-CV-3825 (S.D.N.Y. Aug. 29, 2022), the court held that fake Trust Pilot reviews that reduced plaintiff’s overall star rating but were not explicitly negative did not constitute “disparaging” remarks as defined by a prior settlement agreement between the parties… Read more