Defendant’s Failure to Answer Plaintiff’s Notice to Admit Results in Adverse Summary Judgment

In Spin Capital v. Texas Medical Center Supply, LLC, Index. No. 130439-2021, 2022 N.Y. Slip Op. 32914 (N.Y. Sup. Ct., Monroe Cnty. Aug. 29, 2022), the court granted plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment after defendant failed to engage the discovery process… Read more

Pleading In the Alternative Does Not Justify Duplicative Claim for Unjust Enrichment

In Harvey Public Adjuster, LLC v. Viet Media Agency, Index No. 522665/2022, 2022 NY Slip Op 32033(U) (Sup. Ct. Kings County Aug. 25, 2022), the court dismissed plaintiff’s cause of action for unjust enrichment as duplicative of its claim for breach of contract… Read more

New York Not Proper Forum for Action Against Foreign Defendant for Conduct Abroad

In Kingstown Capital Mgmt. v. Vitek, 0:20-cv-03406 (2d Cir. Sep. 1, 2022), the Second Circuit affirmed the dismissal of a RICO suit filed in the Southern District of New York by a Delaware investment firm against foreign defendants for conduct that occurred outside the United States and was already the subject of a foreign proceeding under foreign law… Read more

Court of Appeals Venue Decision Calls into Question the Controlling Evidence of a Corporation’s Principal Place of Business

In Lividini v. Goldstein, 37 NY3d 1047 [2021], the Court of Appeals held that defendant doctor had submitted evidence sufficient to establish that his “principal office” under CPLR 403(d) was in Westchester County, even though the doctor’s medical license registration listed a Bronx address. Id. at 1048-50… Read more

No Leave to Amend Following Appellate Division Dismissal and Remand for Entry of Judgment

As illustrated in Favourite Ltd. v. Cico, 171 NYS3d 67 (1st Dept 2022), New York trial courts lack discretion to grant leave to amend a complaint that has been dismissed by the Appellate Division without leave to replead… Read more